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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being a Friend – Student Essay - Kim Hee Cheol, Year 7, Sayfol International School

Being a Friend – Kim Hee Cheol, Year 7, Sayfol International School

One beautiful day, I woke up, washed, ate my breakfast, put on my clothes and ran to school because I was late. While I was running, I saw a child walking to school. Luckily, I was in time for school so I didn’t get punished. While I was in class, the teacher went out for a while and came back with a new male student. It was the boy I’d seen on the way to school.

I was glad to see him. There was an empty place next to me so they new boy sat himself next to me. I was happy to see him again because I wanted to be his friend. I found out that his name was Rocky. The lesson started and Rocky didn’t know what to do so I helped him. When school finished and we were leaving, I called out to him and he turned back. I called him again and he walked to me so I said, “Let’s get something to eat. I’ll pay for it.” I bought some bread and we shared it.

When we were walking home, we saw some gangsters. There were three gangsters. We were scared. They came to us and said, “Give us everything you have!” but I had no money left. So, we ran. The gangsters followed us. We ran as fast as we could. Suddenly, two of the gangsters were in front of us and they were all coming closer and closer. They had sticks in their hands. We didn’t know what to do. I ran to one of the gangsters.

I pushed him but unluckily, one of the other gangsters caught me. I kicked him but he still held on to me. I banged my head onto his head and then I punched him until he fell down. I grabbed a stick and I hit another gangster. I said to Rocky, “Run!” He ran. There were two gangsters left. I was going to throw a punch but one of them kicked me and hit me many times. I was bleeding. He was going to hit me again but the police came. Rocky was there too.

The police said, “Put your hands up!” and the gangsters did as they were told. The police took the gangsters away and I was taken to hospital. My parents were worried about me. Rocky was also worried about me. The next day, I felt better and I went to school. I saw Rocky and when he saw me, he ran to me and said, “Let’s be best friends!” I nodded happily.

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