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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Student Essay - A Narrow Escape From Death – Lisa Kim Ye Won, Year 6, ELC International School

A Narrow Escape From Death – Lisa Kim Ye Won, Year 6, ELC International School

My name is Kiara Hoverd. I was the only girl with such a beautiful name. My school friends’ names were disgusting and spooky, like Nick Booger or Shamila Blood. Even my best friend, Grimy Spookster had a terrible name. Therefore, I was the luckiest one in school.

Last week, my school was going on a school trip. I packed my lunch and some drinks for the trip. On the bus, our teachers called our names to ensure that we were all on board. On the way, the bus stopped somewhere scary-looking and we all started screaming. We got off to see where we were and the teachers looked terrified. We had lost our way and had gone somewhere dangerous. The birds were singing a doom song and it seemed we were close to the ‘Land of Doom’.

“If you enter the field of Doom, you will have bad luck,” Grimy told me. I didn’t believe him. Grimy was not clever enough to know things like that. But soon, I noticed that Lena, our class monitor, was whispering to Grimy. Suddenly, the sky went dark and it started to rain. We all ran for shelter. I got disoriented and ended up inside the Land of Doom! I saw a big, fat, brown bear staring at me!

I wanted to retreat but I couldn’t. There was a steep cliff behind me. Suddenly, thunder roared and the bear, who was surprised by the thunder, started to run towards me. The angry bear was running and I had a plan that was extremely risky. But I had to do it. The bear was close. When it leapt towards me, I quickly leapt to the side!

The bear ended its life at the foot of the cliff. My teachers found me and we went home. The next day, I went to school and got a medal for my bravery! I wasn’t that lucky but I was quite clever. But I was quite lucky too, wasn’t I?

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