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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Student Essay - Describe a Friend – Henry Hong Seok Min, Year 5, ELC International School

Describe a Friend – Henry Hong Seok Min, Year 5, ELC International School

I have a friend called Balody. I first met her at church three years ago. She lives in Ampang Putra. Now, I would like to describe her.

Firstly, she is rather ugly. She has very small eyes. When she smiles, her eyes are so small that people cannot see them. Every time I see her face, it looks as if she is closing here eyes. She also has thick lips. If she was to apply lipstick, she would need to do it for hours! When she laughs, her lips pop out. I am sure that most of her body weight is made up of her lips!

Secondly, she was born in the USA. However, she is Korean. Because she was born in the USA, she is bad at the Korean language. She doesn’t like Korea at all. Surprisingly, she is also bad at English. She can’t speak English very well. Moreover, she fails in all her English tests. The only phrase she seems to know is, “Shut up!”

Thirdly, Balody is very short. She is very small for her age. She is in Year Six but she is smaller than the Year Ones! Although she two years older than me, she is shorter than I am. She is also very thin. She is so thin than I am sure she only weighs three kilogrammes! She is so light that if anyone punched her, she would fly into space. However, when she is angry, she could break a rock or metal!

In conclusion, whenever I see her face, I laugh so much that I start to cry, so I hope she wouldn’t come near me. Unfortunately, I have to see here every Saturday and Sunday at church!

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