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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Student Essay - The Aliens – Lim Seo Yeong, Year 5, Sri Garden International School

The Aliens – Lim Seo Yeong, Year 5, Sri Garden International School

I was an astronaut. One day, I went to the moon. I arrived at the moon. The moon was very nice I was impatient to have a closer look at it. I came out of the rocket quickly. I walked around and saw a strange animal. I went nearer and looked closely at it. It was like a hamster. It was very cute. However, it was not a hamster. I took it home with me.

It was the first time I had ever seen an alien so I was very excited. I told myself that as soon as I had finished looking at it, I would call my family and tell them about it. I wanted to have a closer look at it to find out what sort of animal it was so I used a microscope. Then I wanted to extract a little blood from it, so I used a syringe. At that moment, I could hear a soft voice. “Ouch!” It was the animal talking! I was very surprised. I couldn’t believe it. How could an animal talk? I want to test it again. I talked to the animal.

I said, “Hello, what is your name?”

The animal replied, “Hello, my name is Al Bin.”

I almost fainted. It was very cute but I was very scared. What kind of animal was it? I decided not to call my family. If I told them about Al Bin, they would faint. It said, “Calm down, I am an alien hamster.” I calmed down and picked the alien up.

“Okay, Al Bin. Where do you want to live?”

Al Bin answered, “In your home!”

I replied, “Okay. I will make you a house.”

After a day, I made rwo houses for Al Bin. One was for it to play in and one was where it would sleep. There were both very beautiful. Al Bin looked so happy. It said, “The houses are very nice. I like them.” I liked Al Bin. Al Bin also liked me and our friendship became stronger and stronger.

After two weeks, a UFO came to my house and called Al Bin. Al Bin said, “My mother and father have come. I need to go. Bye-bye!” I was very sad. I didn’t want Al Bin to go.

I said, “Bye-bye. Do come back again!” When I finished those words, the UFO had disappeared.

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