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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Student Essay 29: Twenty Cents Coin by Wee Su Lin

A day in the life of a twenty cents coin by Wee Su Lin, Year 8, Sayfol International School

I am a twenty cents coin. I was in a wealthy man’s wallet. I was content with my life because I was not in the trash, street or a beggar’s hand. Some of my friends were suffering in beggars’ hands. I pitied them because they were unimportant. I didn’t have to suffer because I thought I would always be in the rich man’s wallet. But that was only my illusion.

One morning, my owner went out. He drove his limousine to town and there was a bad traffic jam. Beside his limousine was a beggar asking for money. My owner took out his wallet and opened the window. My friends and I wondered who would be sacrificed. Unfortunately, it was me! My owner placed me on the beggar’s palm and the beggar threw me into his basket. I felt like the world was crashing down. I really hated to be in the beggar’s basket.

I realized that I would never get back into the rich man’s wallet again. I had to live in the unpleasant beggar’s basket. However, I made some friends there. They told me their life stories. Some of them had also been in rich men’s wallets, just like me. Soon, more coins joined us in the basket. Passers-by were throwing coins into the beggar’s basket. They didn’t know how we felt. How sad we were when we were with the beggar!
Suddenly, there was a heavy storm, the beggar quickly took his money and ran under the shade of a tree. It was raining heavily. Out of the blue, a man pushed the beggar and I was flung out of the basket. Nobody noticed it. When I fell onto the ground, everybody had disappeared from my sight. How could this happen? It was the worst day of my life. It was better to be in the beggar’s basket than on the wet and dirty ground. I regretted my previous attitude towards the beggar and his basket.

After a few hours, the rain stopped. I was still on the ground, unnoticed. Then a woman came. She was a sweeper. She swept me, among rubbish and dirt, into a dustpan and threw me into a garbage bin. I was totally helpless. So my day ended up in the garbage bin.

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