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Monday, May 3, 2010

Student Essay 28: Friday Night by Jo Min Kyoung

Friday Night, by Jo Min Kyoung, Year 5, Sayfol

Anita and Betty always went to school together. They were good friends. On Betty’s birthday, Anita and I went to Betty’s house. Anita’s present to Betty was a doll and my present was a ‘Hello Kitty’ pencil-case. On the way to Betty’s home, we talked about her birthday party.

We arrived at Betty’s home and Betty said, “Welcome to my house!” Inside Betty’s home was a very large, two-layered cake. It was so amazing! Our jaws dropped.

Anita said, “This is a cheese cake! I love cheese! My nickname is Cheesy Mouse, did you know that? I like that name!”

Betty said, “It is fresh cream cake!”

I said, “I love fresh cream cake! I love it!”

Betty’s mom said, “The candles are missing!”

The candles were like this: B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. They were expensive! We looked for them but we couldn’t find them. We said, “The mouse stole them! The mouse stole them!” We found the mouse hole and the mouse was eating a blue ‘A’. Betty said, “That is my ‘A’! Give it back to me, you bad mouse!” Betty shouted. The mouse ran away and we ran after it.

“Hey! Stop! You bad mouse!” We were so tired and we slept.

We were still tired. The birthday party changed into a pajama party. We slept and slept. Then Betty and I woke up. “I want to eat this cake,” Anita said. So we ate some cake. We also ate some sugar flowers, chocolate bears and cream roses. Umm, I loved them. I wanted to eat more. I wanted to eat all of them but they were so fattening. We found another candle but it wasn’t pretty. We had Betty’s birthday party again. We had so much fun but Betty and her mom were curious about the first layer of the cake. Anita and I giggled because we had eaten the first layer! After that I became fat. Before that I was thin and now I was fat!

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