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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Student Essay 26: Someone I admire by Moon Tae Eun

Write about someone you really admire – by Moon Tae Eun, Year 11, Sri Utama

If not for him, I would not be what I am today. I came to Malaysia when I was in Primary Six. Before that, I’d never heard of Malaysia. At first, I was really scared to leave my country because I was weak, both physically and mentally. In my first year in Malaysia, I faced many problems such as the language barrier and racism issues. At that time, Mr. Lee, a friend of my mother’s, gave me a lot of help. I really admire Mr. Lee Joon Tae who has given me lots of good advice, made me stronger and turned me into a good person.

First and foremost, Me. Lee always counsels me. I had many problems at school when I first came to Malaysia so I got very stressed. Due to that, I also got depressed. I confided in Mr. Lee and he gave me some advice. After talking many times to him, my depression dissipated and I became more confident. Mr. Lee showed me how to be happy and relaxed. After that, I was able to solve my problems on my own. Without his precious guidance, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Therefore, I admire him because he is a good mentor.

Secondly, Mr. Lee helped me to become strong. One of the biggest problems I had in Malaysia was that I got bullied by the other Koreans. I was very small compared to them so I was too weak to fight back. I was afraid to tell anyone except my mother who told Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee has four certificates in martial arts. He then taught me self-defense. During the school holidays, I exercised and practiced martial arts. After the holidays, I challenged those bullies to a fight. I was very nervous but I did exactly as Mr. Lee told me to. I finally won and got rid of the bullies. I was so happy and thanked Mr. Lee profusely. Therefore, I respect him because of the invaluable self-defense lessons that he gave me.

Last but not least, Mr. Lee transformed me into a good student. After beating the bullies, I became complacent. I often got into fights and even recruited some followers. I hung out with older boys and started picking up some bad habits. I smoked and drank. I even started bullying some of my younger schoolmates! My mother cried every day because of my behavior and blamed Mr. Lee for having taught me martial arts. When Mr. Lee heard the news that I had become a gangster, he explained to me that he had taught me martial arts to defend myself, not to bully others. His words were gentle but he was shedding tears. I felt so ashamed of myself and apologized to him for having been such a fool. I promised him that I would change my ways and up till this day, I am grateful to Mr. Lee for having corrected me.

In conclusion, I admire Mr. Lee immensely because of his wisdom, love and faith in me. I will always thank him for everything that I have become today and will be in the future. I believe that everyone needs a person like him that they can look up to.

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