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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Student Essay 25: My Ideal Career, by Choi Hwan Seong

My Ideal Career, by Choi Hwan Seong, Year 11, Sri Utama International School

We often find aeroplanes in the sky. They look beautiful at night. There are usually two pilots on every plane. One pilot drives at night and the other drives in the day. A lot of people dream about being a pilot. That is because it is a respectable job, especially for boys. Thus, my ideal career is to be a pilot. There are three main reasons why I want to be a pilot.

The first reason why my ideal career is being a pilot is because of the freedom that comes with the job. Pilots travel all over the world. They work only once a week. For example, a pilot may fly from Korea to France on a Tuesday. He would arrive in France the next day and stay in France for a week. His airline pays for his hotel and food while he is there. On the next Tuesday or Wednesday, he would fly back to Korea and stay there for a week. His next journey could take him to America or Africa if he is a capable pilot. I want to be a pilot like this person and travel all over the world.

The second reason I choose to be a pilot is because of the good pay that aviators get. Pilots with Korean Airlines usually start with a salary of 83,000 dollars a year. The pilot’s salary depends on the size of the plane which he flies. The bigger the plane, the higher the salary he gets. Veterans usually fly bigger planes and get higher salaries. Therefore, the older I become, the higher my salary will be.

The third reason is the favourable working conditions that pilots enjoy. I naturally like to be on aeroplanes because my mother used to be a stewardess. She was still working on aeroplanes when she was pregnant with me. Thanks to this, I feel comfortable when I am in the air. Most importantly, if I become a pilot, I will have a chance to talk to pretty stewardesses. Every time I go to the airport, I see a pilot talking to many stewardesses. Thus, my dream is to be like him.

In conclusion, being a pilot is ideal because I will have the chance to travel all around the world, earn a lot of money and meet pretty girls. My dream is to go globe-trotting with my beautiful wife, an air-stewardess.

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