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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Class 9: Writing Speeches

Class 9: Writing Speeches

Writing a speech is a popular question in the GCE O level exam. You may be asked to give a speech to the general public about the environment or the treatment of animals. Or you may be asked to give a speech to your classmates about a famous character or the importance of reading. In any case, follow the simple structure below:

The first paragraph should include a greeting to whoever you are giving a speech to. (For example, "Good Morning, teachers and students.") If necessary, introduce yourself. ( For example, "My name is Peter Tan and I am from the Ministry of Transport.") Then introduce the topic of your talk. (For example, "I'm here today to talk to you about safety on the road.")

The second paragraph should include the details of your message. If you are trying to persuade people to care for their environment, explain the reasons for it here and the ways they can protect the environment. This should be the longest paragraph in your speech.

The last paragraph is just a short one. You should conclude your speech and close it by thanking your audience/listeners, telling them where they can get more information about the topic and wishing them well.

Assignment 9

1. Write a speech to the general public about the importance of recycling.

2. Write a speech to your fellow schoolmates to introduce a new headmaster.

3. Write a speech to your neighbours to persuade them to contribute to a project that you are involved in.

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