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Monday, September 7, 2009

Class 4: Writing Reports

Class 4: Writing Reports

Reports are basically formal notes written to someone in authority. For example, a report could be written to inform your principal of an in incident that happened in school, the police of an accident that you witnessed or your boss of what has been happening in your department, etc. The format for a report for the "O" level exam is a very simple one:


The first paragraph should summarise the entire report by giving details of what, when, who and where. If you witnessed a fight (what) in school, be sure to include specific details such as who was involved, when and where it took place.

The second paragraph should provide the details of how and why. If you witnessed an accident, be sure to let the police know exactly what you saw - how it happened and why (if you know it).

The last paragraph should conclude the report by stating what action is being taken at the moment. If you are writing a report for your boss, you may want to inform him of what the plans of the department are for the new year.

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Assignment 4:

1. Write a report to inform your discipline teacher of a case of vandalism that occurred in your school.

2. Write a report to inform
the police of the robbery of your neighbour's house that you witnessed.

3. Write a report to inform
your principal of the achievements of a club or society that you are involved in.

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