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Monday, June 8, 2009

Tutorial 6 - Writing Supporting Sentences

Tutorial 6 - Writing Supporting Sentences

Your supporting sentences must support your topic sentences by giving details, reasons, facts, explanations, examples or evidence.

For example, if your topic sentence is:

Firstly, some television programmes are very informative and can impart a great variety of knowledge to children.

Your supporting sentences should give examples of television programmes that are informative and explain what kind of information these programmes impart to children:

For example, Animal Planet teaches children a great deal about the animal kingdom. In fact, children get to watch all sorts of animals in action and this is much more exciting than reading about them in books. In addition, children get to learn a lot of interesting facts from the History and Science channels. For this reason, watching television programmes is a good way of getting them interested in what they are learning in school.

Notice that I have used transitions even within the paragraph - for example, in fact, in addition, for this reason. Other transitions include - for instance, in other words, put another way, truly, indeed, in particular, etc.

Homework 6A

For the topic sentences in 5A, write about 4 supporting sentences for each of them.

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