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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Student Essay 8 - How to be a good squash player - by Shin Tae Min

Shin Tae Min is a Year 8 Student attending Sayfol International School in KL.

How to be a good squash player

I love to play squash. I often play squash with my friends and we usually play for up to three hours each time. It is very fun and I wish everyone would play it. It is good for improving your health, increasing stamina, losing weight and improving reflexes. I am constantly trying to improve myself in the game so that I can be a really good squash player one day. There are several ways to be a good squash player.

Firstly, you have to find a good instructor. He or she must be strict but understanding. If we don't have an instructor, we won’t know the rules well or how to play properly. If we have an instructor who is always lenient, it wouldn't help us to improve. We must be serious when we play. If we don't play well, the instructor must let us know. If the instructor is too laid-back, he won't do anything. However, the instructor also has to be sometimes kind. If the instructor is too strict, he will make the students angry or sad. If the teacher scolds the students all the time, some of them could get upset. In the end, they may start to hate squash. Therefore, getting a good coach is the first step in becoming a good squash player.

Secondly, we need to practice a lot to be a good squash player. We have to play daily to improve quickly. If we play sporadically, our skills won't get better. For instance, I play everyday and I have improved so much that I can now beat many of my friends. If we are playing squash to lose weight, we should also play every day. One of the main reasons I'm playing squash is to get thin. I’m also play squashing daily to keep fit and alert. If you lack stamina, try to build it up through running or swimming. If your stamina is less than your opponent's, you won't win. Stamina and speed are very important. Squash is a game that requires a lot of stamina because you have to run a lot. Thus, practice makes perfect.

Lastly, you should find a competent opponent to play with. If you don't have a rival, it will be boring. If your opponent is better than you, you will improve quickly. If your opponent is worse than you, it won't help much and it will be no fun. It is fun to win but you won't improve. However, your rival must not be a sore loser. We need to have manners and be able to lose gracefully. We also have to respect each other. If your opponent is kind, he will teach you whatever he knows. Hence, having a rival helps one to improve in the game.

These are the things you need to do to be a good player. You need a good coach, a great deal of practice and someone skilled to play with. I wish every one could enjoy squash as much as I do.

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