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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tutorial 4 - Brainstorming


Now that you have an introduction for your essay, you will need to brainstorm for ideas for your body paragraphs. Your ideas will need to support your thesis statement.

So, if your thesis states that
watching television can benefit children in several ways, your supporting ideas should give reasons why this is so.

For example, you could talk about:

- how informative some programmes are

- how quickly children pick up language from television

- how important watching the news is.

All these ideas support the thesis statement of
'Watching television can benefit children in several ways'.


Now, I want you to brainstorm for ideas for the following thesis statements. You should have three or four supporting ideas for each statement:

1. My brother is the most irritating person I know.

2. Exercising regularly can benefit your health in several ways.

3. Capital punishment should be abolished for several reasons.

4. I believe that health is more important than wealth.

5. If you want to impress you teacher, these are the things that you must do.

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