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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Student Essay 7 - Characterisitcs of a Good Neighbour - By Wee Su Lin

This essay is written by Wee Su Lin, Year 7, Sayfol International School, Kuala Lumpur

What are the characteristics of a good neighbour?

Have you ever had a bad neighbour? When I was living in Korea, I lived on the first floor of an apartment block. Two young boys lived in the apartment above us. They were very noisy. Everyday, they ran, screamed, jumped and played the piano, even at midnight. We were very angry but we didn't complain to the security guards. One day, my sister forgot to do her piano practice so she had to do it at nine o'clock at night. Suddenly, there was a call from the guards to tell us that the people in the apartment above us had complained that we were making too much noise. Ever since that incident, I always wanted to have a good neighbour. In my opinion, the qualities of a good neighbour are helpfulness, friendliness and considerateness.

To begin with, a good neighbour must be helpful. If we have problems, he or she will help us. For example, if a burglar breaks into our house, our neighbour will call the police for us. Or when we are out of the house, they will keep an eye on our house for us in case of emergencies. Moreover, they will lend us things. For example, if we need a screwdriver to fix something and we can't find one, our neighbour will lend us theirs. Therefore, a neighbour should be kind and supportive.

Moreover, a good neighbour must be friendly. Good neighbours are polite and courteous. For example, polite neighbours will greet us with a smile whenever they see us and we should greet them back in the same courteous way. Moreover, they will invite us to their home for some coffee and a chat every once in a while. They may also invite us to their party whenever they have one. There are many ways to be a friendly neighbour. Then they will be good and pleasant neighbours.

Finally, a good neighbour must be considerate. To be considerate, they will not be noisy. If we are sleeping at night and the neighbour plays loud music, it will be very irritating. So, thoughtful neighbours will not do that. In addition, considerate neighbours will not be dirty. If our neighbour’s house is dirty, there will be a lot of pests in their house and the pests may come over to our house. It will be very smelly too so we will feel very uncomfortable. Hence, a good neighbour must be hygenic.

In conclusion, good neighbours must be polite, considerate and helpful. A good neighbour has many characteristics but I think these are the three most important ones. If you want to have a good neighbour, you must be a good neighbour yourself. Neighbours are important people in our lives and may even become our good friends. So, if we get a good neighbour, we must make sure that we are kind to them in return.

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