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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lesson 14 - Using "Active" Vocabulary


Word choice is very important in making a story come alive. Some elementary words such as 'good, 'bad', 'nice', 'say', 'walk' and 'thing' are vague and do not convey the meaning well. Try, instead, to choose words that show more specific meaning.

For example, instead of using the word 'walk', you could use a variety of other words including - stroll, trek, trudge, amble, shuffle, swagger, tiptoe, waddle, march, creep, limp, hobble, prowl, saunter, stalk, strut, stumble, traipse, trot, tread, trample and so on.

These alternatives are more interesting because they show more than the act of walking.

For example, the word 'stroll' suggests that the character is relaxed, the word 'tiptoe' suggests that the character is afraid and the word 'limp' suggests that the character is injured.


Substitute the following words with more 'active' ones:

1. eat

2. talk

3. run

You will need a thesaurus and a dictionary for this assignment.

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