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Friday, February 20, 2009

Student Essay 5 - Spaceship - by Lucy Lim Na Young

Lucy Lim Na Young, Grade 4, ISKL

The Amazing and Extraordinary Spaceship

One day, my sister and I were walking around the park near our house. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery because there were many different kinds of trees and plants. After a while, we decided to take a rest. We found a bench and sat on it for about twenty minutes.

Suddenly, we saw a grayish flying object in the sky. Within seconds, a strange vehicle appeared out of thin air right before our eyes. We realized that the vehicle was actually a spaceship. Then, two human beings, dressed like astronauts, stepped out of the ship and came towards us. They asked if it was the year 2009AD. Dumbfounded, my sister and I nodded. The two strangers introduced themselves as Yazo and Benzo from Planet Earth 3010AD. They told us that they were time travelers who owned a spaceship which was a time machine. After hearing this, my sister and I were so amazed that we did not know what to ask them.

“What should we do now?” I asked my sister.

“Let me think for a minute,” my sister replied.

Yazo and Benzo starred at us while we were whispering to each other. Then they asked for our names. We told them our names and asked if we could take a look at their amazing spaceship, the time machine. We were not afraid of them since they looked kind and friendly. Yazo and Benzo took us to visit their spaceship.

We were so excited when they invited us to step into the time machine. Yazo touched a button and the time machine began to vibrate for a second. We saw a lot of rock floating in a large space. I thought I was dreaming but it was not a dream. We had traveled to the future. It was really exciting.

All of a sudden, my sister accidentally pushed the wrong button. So we went back to 2009AD. We felt a little disappointed. We waved good-bye hurriedly to Yazo and Benzo as the spaceship floated away and was never seen again.

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