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Monday, February 2, 2009

Story Writing - Conflict 1

Lesson 1: CONFLICT

The first thing you will need for your story is a problem for your main character. A problem, or conflict, makes your story interesting. Without conflict, your story will be very boring.

For example, would you want to read about a character who goes to school, comes home, does his homework, has dinner and then go to bed? Of course not! He doesn't experience any
conflict so it is boring to read about him!

So let's think about some
problems that he can have -

1. He comes from a poor family and his parents cannot afford to pay his school fees.

2. He is handicapped and cannot participate in the activity that he is most interested in - running.

3. He is very rich but lonely because his school-mates do not like the fact that he is so much richer than them.

Get the idea? Doesn't conflict immediately make your story more interesting already? :)


Now, I want you to think of some possible areas of conflict for -

1. a teacher

2. a grandfather

3. a housewife

4. a shopkeeper

5. a millionaire

Feel free to post your answers in the comment box below.

I will be talking more about
conflict so keep posted!

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