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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Roy Kim Do Eui, Year 11, Mutiara International Grammar School - Fireworks

Roy Kim Do Eui, Year 11, Mutiara International Grammar School


The vibrant colours dance in the pitch black night sky. Bright yellow, cyan and lilac flames synchronise perfectly as if it had all been planned beforehand. It was like a choreographed dance on stage. Fancy lights explode dynamically with accurate coordination. As the firework disperses beautifully, spectators clap in response. Their pleasure was obvious. Childish, loud, playful children cannot seem to wipe the smile off their faces and adults cannot stop chatting as if they were discussing about the most important topics in the world. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! It sounds like planes dropping explosives. The deafening sounds attack people who cover their ears with their hands. However, the mood is a festive one. The cheer from the spectators is almost as loud as the fireworks. Children are either crying or laughing, adults happily cheering, dogs barking – all of which combine and create a chaotic and confusing environment; but a delight to the senses. 

The piercing smell of smoke caused by the fireworks mixes disgustingly with the stench of sweat. However, the fragrance of flowers and picnic food neutralises the stench. The scent of the grass and the trees help people to feel relaxed and peaceful. A gentle breeze brings a whiff of fresh night air which gently cools down the spectators’ thoughts, relaxing their minds. 

The humid environment is getting everyone tired. The dampness of sweat makes it hard for people to breathe. The flaming, firework brings the heat up until everyone finds it almost unbearable. As time passes, it becomes a deeper night and fortunately, there is a refreshing breeze which cools everyone down, making their eyelids heavy. 

The night is as nectarous as a honeycomb. Everyone returns home with deliciously big smiles on their faces.

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