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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Choi Jun Seo, Year 7, Sri Utama International School - Causes of Obesity

Choi Jun Seo, Year 7, Sri Utama International School

Causes of Obesity

Nowadays, there are many obese people. This is a problem and we should avoid getting too fat. We can do this by becoming aware of the causes of obesity.

Firstly, some people become obese because they eat a lot of oily food. Oil is very fattening. In some food, there are many calories, for example, meat. In meat, there is a lot of oil. Moreover, fast food is bad because it was all frozen before it became fast food. Fast food makes you fat because they need to fry it before you can eat it. Fast food, like McDonalds, is served with soft drinks which contain a lot of sugar so it makes you fat. 

Secondly, some people become obese because they don’t exercise. They eat so much and they don’t exercise so they get fat. When they eat, they take calories in but they don’t burn the calories. If they don’t burn the calories by exercising, they will get fat. They don’t exercise because they are too lazy. They are lazy because they have big bodies so they are heavy. When they are heavy, they will get tired easily so they don’t want to move. When their bodies are too fat, they will do little exercise. They will eat more and more. That is how they become obese.

Thirdly, some chubby people don’t like eating greens. They don’t like vegetables because they are a little bitter and not very delicious. However, vegetables contain a lot of fibre that is very good for us. If we eat vegetables, we get a lot of vitamins and minerals. We also feel full because of the fiber. The fiber can help us lose weight. Unfortunately, these people only want to eat oily food because oily food tastes good. So they get heavier and heavier.

In conclusion, the causes of obesity are eating too much, not exercising and not eating vegetables. So, if you don’t want to be fat, don’t eat too much oily food and please take care of your body. Don’t eat fast food too often and please exercise. Eat enough food but not too much.

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