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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Cho Ha Eun, Year 11, Taylor’s International School - A New Life

Cho Ha Eun, Year 11, Taylor’s International School

A New Life

As usual, I opened my eyes as soon as the sun hit my windows. Every morning, I headed to school even though it was literally hell to me. The kids from our class always treated me like I was dirt just because I was fat, ugly and poor. Unfortunately, the world judges people based on their looks and status. Many people think that if someone was different from them, something is wrong with that person. I wanted to escape from this world. That had been my lifelong wish. Every night, I prayed to God that my life would change and I would stop suffering from this terrible school life.

Today, my eyes became black. I could see with only one of them. I felt sad not because of the pain but due to frustration that I couldn’t even protect myself. If our family had enough money, I could have learned some martial arts. I was lying in bed wihing to escape this world. I couldn’t sleep thinking about my mother. She worked hard for me but she earned only five dollars a day collecting trash. I wanted to blame her for this life. If I were rich, I wouldn’t get beaten up by the other kids. Today, everyone in class laughed at me again. Even my teachers were laughing at me. I hated myself. I was embarrassed of myself. I didn’t deserve to live in this world but I had no choice. I needed to survive in this dirty world. I wished a miracle would happen one day. 

One morning, I felt like my body was very light. Was it because I cried a lot the night before or lost weight because I didn’t have dinner? I walked into the bathroom to get ready for school. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a man standing there looking back at me. He was very tall and had a perfect face. I thought I was dreaming. I pinched my cheeks to wake myself up but this man was moving in the exact same way that I was. It was senseless and impossible. When I went back to my room, I saw my old body sleeping on the bed. When I woke him up, my new body fell asleep. Had my wish come true? I went to school with my new body. It was like transferring to a new school, although nothing had changed. The only thing that had changed was me. The girls kept asking me questions. They asked me for my number and to go out with them for dinner.

However, there was one problem. The punks in school felt jealous of me and they were trying to beat me up. It was really scary. But since I was used to getting beaten up, I could see their hand coming to me and easily avoided it. I could fight them because I was taller than them. School life became a happy one and I even made a new friend who was very kind to me. I still used my old body to work out and lost weight. As I had two bodies, I could use my new body during the day and my old one during the night. I had a part time job in the night to help me earn some money. 

After a year, I succeeded in losing a lot of weight on my old body. It was hard but I did it. When my old body got really fit, my new body disappeared. This was a real miracle. I was really grateful to heaven. I didn’t have any idea how it happened but it was a real miracle. Within a year, I saved enough money for university. I no longer had to depend on my mother. I was really happy. From that day, I promised myself I would work out regularly and work hard to make my mother happy for the rest of her life.

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