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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Should teenagers be allowed to have jobs while they are students? – by Shim Hyeon Bo, Year 9, Sayfol International School

Should teenagers be allowed to have jobs while they are students? – by Shim Hyeon Bo, Year 9, Sayfol International School

Nowadays, many teenagers have jobs. I think it is good for them. I had a friend who had a job when he was a student. His parents were concerned about him because his school results were not very good. However, when he became an adult, he was hired by good companies due to his experience. Therefore, I believe it is advantageous for teenagers to have jobs because they will appreciate how easy studying is in comparison, they will learn to recognise the value of money and their experience will give them an advantage later on.

Firstly, having a part-time job will enable teenagers to know how easy school life is. Many teenagers don’t want to study because they think it is hard. Once they realise that working is even harder, they will be more motivated to study. For example, I had a friend who really hated studying. His dad was quite upset and he sent him to work in his company. Initially, my friend was quite happy about not having to study anymore. However, after a few weeks, he cried and begged his father to send him back to school. He promised his dad that he would study until midnight every day. Recently, he told me that he finally understood what would happen if we didn’t study hard.

Secondly, teenagers will recognise how important money is if they have jobs. Nowadays, many teenagers waste their pocket money on unnecessary things. Many parents and adults are not happy with our generation. They keep telling us we don’t know how to save our money and that our bad habit could cause us trouble when we become adults. However, I think there is one way to solve this problem. If teenagers are made to work while they are students, they will understand how difficult it is to earn money and they will stop spending their money on unnecessary things.

Thirdly, companies hire people who have a lot of experience so it is beneficial for teenagers to have jobs. For example, I had two friends. They had similar results at school. One of them had a lot of work experience. On the other hand, the other friend had no work experience at all. Both of them applied for the same job and, as expected, the one with a lot of work experience got the job.

In conclusion, teenagers should be allowed to have jobs while they are still students. This is because they will be motivated to study harder, they will learn the value of money and they will have better job prospects in the future.

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