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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Lone Survivor – by Kim Min Gon, Year 9, Sayfol International School

Lone Survivor – by Kim Min Gon, Year 9, Sayfol International School

A man lived in Korea. Korea is surrounded by the ocean and there are a lot of typhoons. The man’s name was Hyeon Bo. His job was to sell products such as snacks, bread and drinks to other countries. Every country liked to buy his products from him because he sold them at a low price. 

One cloudy day, the weather caster announced that there would be a typhoon but Hyeon Bo ignored the forecast. He was only interested in making more money so he boarded his company’s ship at Busan port. The weather at sea was foggy and wet. The day was not good for sailing but the sailors didn’t care about it because the ship was the biggest and strongest in the world. They also had a very professional crew.

Suddenly, the waves became higher and stronger. Water splashed onto the deck on the ship. A member of crew tried to remove the water from the ship. At that time, the ship crashed into a glacier and the bottom of the ship burst very loudly. Every crew member and the captain were nervous and they tried to stop the water coming into the ship but they failed. Finally, the ship started to sink.

The captain decided to use the life boats but there were only twenty boats and 200 people were on the deck. They panicked but the captain managed to calm them down. They went to the side of the deck and boarded the life boats calmly. After a few minutes, after they had boarded the boats, the big ship sank under the deep sea. 

Finally, the rescue team found them and they moored in Russia. They felt safe and relieved. After a few days, they returned to their homes. Their country welcomed them and the company paid the workers some compensation.

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