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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - The Robot – Im Jeong Heon, Year 4, Mutiara International School

The Robot – Im Jeong Heon, Year 4, Mutiara International School

Once, there was a scientist called Doctor R. He was the cleverest scientist in the world. One morning, he made a giant robot who was as tall as a building. The robot’s name was Rico. He was a soldier robot. He had so many weapons. He was the strongest robot ever. He was supposed to go to war, but he didn’t have enough energy, so he couldn’t go to war.

Doctor R put a battery pack into the robot. There were two battery packs. One was good and the other was bad. Doctor R was confused. He chose one at random. He didn’t know that he had chosen the bad battery pack. He put it carefully into the robot. He was happy because he didn’t know that he had chosen the wrong one.

After he put it in the robot, Rico opened his eyes, walked to the wall and destroyed the wall. Doctor R realised he had put in the bad battery pack. Hequickly called the army for help. Some soldiers came and shot at Rico but nothing happened. They could not stop Rico because he was wearing a shield. Nobody could stop him because he was too strong.

Rino retaliated. A lot of people got injured. Doctor R brought other robots to stop Rico, but even they could not stop him. The other robots were scared of Rico because he was so powerful. They put their weapons down and ran away. They did not want to get destroyed by Rico. They all gave up.

Doctor R ran as fast as he could towards Rico and jumped onto his back. He pulled the battery pack out from Rico’s back. Then he put the good batttery pack in. Immediately, Rino changed into a good robot. From then on, he never hurt anyone again. He only saved lives and did good things. Everyone lived happily ever after.

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