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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - Getting Lost – Yoon Won Tak, Year 8, Sri Utama International School

Getting Lost – Yoon Won Tak, Year 8, Sri Utama International School

One day, my family made a trip to the jungle with our pet dog, Stella, and our cat, Julie. We took the van and brought some food, water, a tent and some medical supplies. When we arrived at the jungle, we saw lots of monkeys in the trees. They were staring at us.

We started hiking up the mountain. The jungle was so hot and the sun was shining. I drank a lot of water. Half an hour later, I wanted to go to the toilet but there was no toilet so I just did it in the bush and then we kept going towards the top of the mountain. None of us knew that something would soon go wrong.

When night came, it became very dark. We decided to stop. First, we pitched a tent and made a fire. Then we cooked dinner. Suddenly, a group of monkeys invaded our tent and attacked me. I was scared and started running away from the monkeys. When they stopped chasing me, I realised that I was lost and only Stella was with me.

There was nothing and no one around. There was only darkness, although the moon was shining. I tried to make a fire but I didn’t know how. I was exhausted and fell asleep under a tree for a while. Then my rumbling stomach woke me up. In my pocket, there were only three pieces of bread and a bottle of water. I gave Stella a piece of bread and some water, and I had the rest. I had no idea what to do. We just wandered aimlessly around the forest. Suddenly, Stella snorted and started to run. I followed her and saw smoke in the sky.

We were surprised and we kept going towards the smoke. My family was there. I shouted because I was so glad to see them and they were also happy to see me. We had an argument whether to continue hiking in the mountain. After the argument, we decided to leave the jungle because it was too dangerous there. On the way home, I told them what I had experienced with Stella.

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