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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buy My New Book!!!

Buy My New Book!!!


Sylvia's mum, Marjorie, gives her an ugly wooden chest. That very night, Sylvia hears strange sounds and gets the shock of her life when she realises that the carvings on the chest have come alive. She befriends Tukty and his little family and is told that they have a condition that can only be cured by another little family that lives in another chest.

In this story, Sylvia goes through many adventures to find the other chest, while keeping Marjorie in the dark. Eventually, she manages to track down the other chest. There is an emotional reunion between the two little families who are related and used to belong to one chest. Then the search for the materials needed for the antidote begins.

Will Sylvia let Marjorie in on the secret and can they race against time to make the antidote and save the lives of Tuktu and his family?


Nine Little People Who Lived In a Chest by Wee Su May can be bought in any MPH Bookstore in Malaysia and Singapore at RM29.90.


Click here for a book review of Nine Little People Who Lived In a Chest.

Click here for MPH Online Store.

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  1. If you haven't heard already, ParenThots @ The Star Online has a review of your book.


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