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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Student Essay 19: Track and Field Competition by Kang Kyung Ho

Track and Field Competition by Kang Kyung Ho, Grade 4, ISKL

“Mom, hurry!” I was going to the stadium to race with eight other schools, including Japanese school, Garden International School and Mont Kiara International School. It was 6.30 am on a Saturday. I was so excited that my heart was bumping in my chest and I couldn’t eat breakfast. I was jogging in front of my house to warm up for the race. I arrived at the stadium at 7.45. There were so many people so I was nervous.

When I had looked more carefully, I saw that the stadium was as big as an Olympic Stadium. I really wanted to get a medal in front of thousands of people. I was picked by my teacher to run 100 meters, 200 meters and relay. I wanted to participate in high jump too but my teacher thought that I would be too tired. During the 200 meter race, I was really scared. When it was time, my legs were shaking so much I almost couldn’t stand up. I got fourth place.

Finally, it was time for the 100 meter race. This time, I really wanted to get a medal. I was shivering because I was nervous. I really wanted to get a medal but I knew it was impossible because there were so many good runners in the race. “Bang!” I ran as fast as I could. Then I turned to my right and left to see who was winning the race. Because of that distraction, I slowed down and got fifth place. “Oh my god!” I felt really embarrassed.

My father and mother weren’t too upset so I felt a little better. They teased me, saying things like, “No medals!” I was a little irritated but I also felt sorry. Some of my friends got medals but nobody in my grade got one. That was because we were fourth graders racing against fifth graders. So I wasn’t too upset.

It started to rain when we were driving home. I was sad as I looked back at the stadium. I thought God must have been sad too and that was why it was raining. I promised myself I would get hundreds of medals in the future and make my parents proud of me. I would never let them tease me again!

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