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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Class 12: Giving Advice

Class 12: Giving Advice

If you are required to give advice to a friend, make sure that you write in a personal/friendly, informal style. Your tone should be sympathetic and supportive. Follow the simple three-paragraph structure below:

In the first paragraph, acknowledge your friend's problem and express sympathy. Don't belittle your friend or make fun of his or her problem!

In the body paragraph, offer your friend advice and help. Be as friendly and supportive as you can. Try to put yourself in your friend's shoes and imagine what he or she needs to hear to feel better and what sort of information they need to get over their dilemma.

In the concluding paragraph, reassure your friend that everything is going to turn out just fine and that you are there for him or her.

Assignment 12

1. Your friend is having some relationship problems with her parents. Give her some advice on how to resolve it.

2. Your brother is having a difficult time keeping up with his school work. Give him some advice on how to pull up his grades and be a better student.

3. Your cousin has been having the same recurrent dream many night in a row and is starting to become afraid of sleeping. Give him some advice on how to handle his problem.

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