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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lesson 8 - Dialogue 1

Lesson 8 - DIALOGUE 1

Using dialogue in your story will make it more interesting. The characters will come "alive" and the plot will move at a faster pace. Look at the following example:

Peter shouted at Sam that the money belonged to him. His face was swollen with anger. Sam yelled back indignantly that he was the rightful owner.

Now look at this example:

"You know that the money belongs to me!" Peter shouted at Sam, his face swollen with anger.

"You did nothing to deserve that money!" Sam yelled back, indignant.

Isn't the second example more "active" and "alive" and therefore, interesting? :)

However, be careful not to write boring dialogue of unimportant details such as this one:

"Good morning!" I greeted my teacher.

"Good morning!" she greeted me back.

Boring! :(


Write a dialogue between:

1. a kidnapper and a victim

2. an orphan and his adoptive parents

3. two students planning a practical joke on their teacher

Remember to make them interesting!

We'll be talking more about dialogue in the next lesson so do come back soon!

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